I am not quite sure whether this particular Sicilian drug dealer known as Michele Grasso is a little bit thick in the skull, or brazenly underestimating the powers of the long arm of the law, but having fled to UK, he could not resist the pull of Facebook, posting photos of himself in various locations across London – including one that saw him posing with a model of Barack Obama at Madame Tussauds. Disappearing from Taormina, Italy, in 2010 as he fled from the police in matters related to drug dealing, he remained untraceable since then, and even claimed that his address was Alcatraz on Facebook. I guess pride comes before a fall rings true here, where he started being more bold in his Facebook photo updates, including trips to the Ministry of Sound nightclub, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Oxford Circus.

The Italian police contacted Interpol for assistance as well as their British counterparts, requesting for Grasso’s arrest and extradition. Gresso was arrested by Italian police in an operation that was aptly named – Big Ben, before he was sent back to Italy (at least on a plane and not a boat). Guess he can now update his Facebook status as that of being in one of Rome’s prison – and not Alcatraz.

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