Gamers who have played the Pokemon series before are probably aware that the battle system is a turn-based one, but what if the battle system for Pokemon was remade into an arcade fighting one, like Street Fighter or Tekken for example? Well you guys can stop imagining it as a fan of the Pokemon series has taken it upon himself to create a Pokemon-meets-Street Fighter styled video game.

The game appears to use a Street Fighter-like engine and seems to be rather smooth in terms of its animations, while the attacks between Pokemon characters are pretty fluid and at its heart is an arcade fighting game featuring Pokemon characters. The characters are also able to pull off some of their special attacks (whose combos are available from the website), and to be honest it does look pretty darn fun.

It is currently available for download in Beta version, so if you’d like to check it out for yourself, hop on over to its website for the download and additional information. In the mean time you can watch the video above to get an idea of what the gameplay would be like.

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