LightBeam pico projector turns any surface into a display

LightBeamOne thing about regular projectors we have is the fact that they require a large blank surface to work with, which means you’re usually stuck with a few different walls or surfaces in a room. What if you use the blank box in front of you or a sheet of paper in your hand to work as a surface for the projector? Well, that’s where the LightBeam pico projector comes in. Essentially a pico projector paired up with a Kinect, a team at Germany’s Technische Universität Darmstadt managed to come up with a projector that can work with any makeshift display surfaces.

If you’re wondering what the point of motion sensor is for, it allows you to move the surface within a limited 3D space, with the projected image adjusting itself to compensate. The level of detail displayed by the projector can also be altered dynamically relative to the amount of display surface available. In addition to projecting images on practically any display, the LightBeam can also be controlled with everyday objects around you – i.e. the coffee mug next to you, or the bottle in your hand. Check out the impressive video demonstration below:


Read about Kinect and pico projector. Filed in Gadgets. Seen at: gizmag

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