p2jrWhen it comes to the pico projector market, there aren’t too many names to fall back on if you want something reliable. Well, AAXA Technologies is one of them, and their latest addition to their stable of devices would come in the form of the P2 Jr pico projector. This is a next generation pico projector which will be powered by AAXA’s amazingly small 4024 optical engine, which so happens to measure approximately the size of three stacked half-dollars, where it can also produce a giant 55 lumens of brightness which is far more than what many flashlights offer.

The Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology within has been mated to 15,000 hour LEDs and advanced micro-optics, resulting in a highly portable device that allows you to enjoy a vivid 55 lumen picture, 1000:1 contrast, Vibrant-Color image. It will accept a High Definition digital video input of up to 1080P (1920×1080) thanks to its mini-HDMI port, and your video sources will vary from cell phones to tablets, Blu-ray players and video game consoles. Touted to come with a 2 hour battery life on a single charge, the P2 Jr Pico Projector will retail for $199 a pop. [Press Release]

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