AAXA Technologies Unveils P2 Jr Pico Projector

When it comes to the pico projector market, there aren’t too many names to fall back on if you want something reliable. Well, AAXA Technologies is one of them, and their latest addition to their stable of devices would come in the form of the P2 Jr pico projector. This is a next generation pico projector which will be powered by AAXA’s amazingly small 4024 optical engine, which so happens […]

AAXA P300 pico projector has 300 lumens brightness

Pico projectors are definitely a niche device in a decidedly small market. How many people do you know actually carry around one of these to deliver a presentation? Well, two major factors do go against the pico projector in everyday use – the lack of brightness, and a relatively short battery life. The AAXA P300 pico projector does not address both issues, but it does pack a 300 lumens brightness […]

ipico projector from General Imaging targets the iPhone and iPod touch

The pico projector industry should just about fold up and start thinking of another potential killer peripheral for the iPhone and iPod touch devices, as you hardly see anyone take advantage of a pico projector at all these days, never mind that their resolution count and features have improved by some over the past few years, not to mention having a better battery life. The ipico projector from General Imaging […]

Pico projector used to create mini police car

What do you do when you take a pico projector, some iPhones/iPod touches and add a dash of creativity? Why, you come up with a mini police chase of course! Cooked up by the folks at The Theory, what they have done is taken a pico projector, threw in some images, recorded it with a Canon 5D DSLR and a HD cam and they have come up with a pretty […]


Pop Video pico projector loves your iPhone

So you feel that there is this wicked video on your iPhone that you want to share with the rest of your mates, but the relatively tiny display on the iPhone is not going to cut the mustard? This is where the $99 Pop Video pico projector comes in handy – it will allow you to dock your iPhone or iPod touch comfortably via the 30-pin connector, and the pocket […]

LightBeam pico projector turns any surface into a display

One thing about regular projectors we have is the fact that they require a large blank surface to work with, which means you’re usually stuck with a few different walls or surfaces in a room. What if you use the blank box in front of you or a sheet of paper in your hand to work as a surface for the projector? Well, that’s where the LightBeam pico projector comes […]

Sanwa micro projector for the iPhone 4/4S

The iPhone 4 and its successor the iPhone 4S, has proved to be formidable multimedia machines in terms of keeping you entertained through music, videos, movies and games. Well, you might want to share what you are watching with people around you the next time around using the Sanwa 400-PRJ011 micro projector. Compatible with both the iPhone 4S and its predecessor, this DLP micro projector will slip onto the Apple […]

LightPad lets you project your smartphone onto an 11″ screen

QP Optoelectronics has a pretty cool device called the LightPad that you might want to check out. It appears to be an odd blend between a laptop, a tablet and a projector all rolled into one, which if you think sounds a bit weird and messy, wait until you check out the video below which could leave you wanting more.

Nikon iP-PJ app for iOS lets you project photos and videos through the Coolpix S1200pj

Owners of Nikon’s Coolpix S1200pj camera are probably well aware of the built-in projector, which basically allows the camera to project photos on the camera at a resolution of 1024×768. The good news is that Nikon has recently updated it Nikon iP-PJ app and will now allow iOS devices to project images from the Coolpix S1200pj camera.

Pico projector prototype used for interactive phone calls

The concept of pico projectors is an interesting one, although it’s probably a piece of technology which isn’t for everyone. However researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, have come up with a pretty novel concept of using a pico projector together with a smartphone that enables the sharing of data whilst on the phone.

Dell M110 Ultra Mobile Projector introduced

Now here is yet another mobile projector that might be of interest to you, although of late, pico projectors tend to fail to excite the general market. After all, when was the last time that you actually saw someone making a presentation in some dark corner with a pico projector in tow? Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. Still, it somehow makes perfect sense to have a company like Dell […]

Texas Instruments and Brookstone unveil iPhone Pocket Projector case

Those shopping for or those interested in getting their hands on a pocket projector may want to take a look at the iPhone Pocket Projector case, which was a joint effort by both Texas Instruments and Brookstone.

Apple patent sounds like the Xbox Kinect

The concepts of the various technology seen in the movie Minority Report seem to be rather popular, and given the rate at which technology is progressing, it’s only a matter of time before we see it being made into reality, and based on a recent Apple patent, it looks like perhaps that future may not be as far off as we think.

Tursion TS-102 – pico projector or computer?

Once in a while, we come across a cute little device that we are not too sure just how to categorize it. Let’s just say the Tursion TS-102 is one of those confounding moments – take a look at it, and most folks would say that this is another attempt to make a crack at the pico projector market, but it will never be able to end up as a […]