Are you a huge fan of portable gaming? Of course, the more casual gamers would stick to their smartphones and tablets, but really serious gamers will most probably have at least a Nintendo and a Sony portable handheld console in their pockets. Sony’s latest effort is the Sony PS Vita, and it has already sold 1.2 million units around the world since it hit the US and Japan on February 22, 2012 and December 17, 2011, respectively. Sony claims that 1.2 million in sales have “exceeded expectations” – were they being more pessimistic than what I already thought, as gaming-mad Japan alone has so many gamers. On the bright side, you know that each person brought home nearly 2 games for each PS Vita sold, since worldwide software sales have passed the 2 million mark – be they purchased from a brick and mortar store, or picked up via the company’s PlayStation Network.

In comparison, the Nintendo DS had nearly a year’s head start, and within a somewhat similar time frame of just a couple of months, it already sold 3.61 million units. In order for the PS Vita to play catch up, they need to maintain enough momentum and sell at least 2 million more units by the end of March. Were you one of those who contributed to the 1.2 million figure?

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