The Samsung Galaxy Beam certainly occupies a unique niche in the world of Android-powered smartphones – it is the first of its kind that comes with an integrated projector, basically allowing you to enjoy full length movies and presentations right there and then on the spot without having to lug around a heavy projector on your travels. Well, conceiving the idea of the Samsung Galaxy Beam is certainly a journey worth telling, and Samsung has done just that. We now know that Samsung actually produced 500 units of the Samsung Galaxy Beam for trial, using it in many ways and pushing those brave 500 units to the edge before finally deciding that the Galaxy Beam is good to go in the mass market. The Samsung Galaxy Beam can be said to be the culmination of their previous two efforts that failed.

Slimness and weight are the two areas of the Samsung Galaxy Beam that Samsung’s engineers concentrated on, and hardware developer and senior engineer, OkJo Shin said, “we had to reduce the size of projector beam module to reduce the thickness of the GALAXY Beam. We minimized the size of the module far as we can and with the help from the designers, worked on making it seem thinner visually.” Will you be picking up the Beam when it arrives?

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