Samsung Galaxy Beam Sequel Might Be In The Works

It was a wee bit more than two years ago that Samsung announced a smartphone with a built-in projector, calling it the Samsung Galaxy Beam for obvious reasons. I suppose that the idea of such a handset was this – if smartphones with integrated cameras were able to work great and sell really well, why not try something else which might result in a new phenomenon? Unfortunately for Samsung, that […]

Samsung Galaxy Beam now available for purchase in the UK

Android manufacturers look for any way to be different with the latest device as they are all running software that is often perceived by users as being similar. The Samsung Galaxy Beam, announced back in February, looks to separate itself with its built-in projector. If you’ve been anticipating this phone’s release, the device is now available in the UK for £395 with no contract obligations on Expansys. This is one step […]

Samsung Galaxy Beam firmware released online

The Samsung Galaxy Beam must have taken a few pages from the book of Nikon, who came up with a digital camera that has a built-in projector as well, where this smartphone device will also have an integrated projector. Well, good news for you then, those who own the Samsung Galaxy Beam in their pockets (or tucked away in a drawer somewhere because you did not find it too practical […]

Samsung Galaxy Beam stops by the FCC with AT&T radios on board

If a smartphone with a built-in pico projector is a device that you’ve always wanted, then you might recall the Samsung Galaxy Beam Android handset that was announced earlier this year at MWC 2012. It was reported that the device would be headed to Asia and there was no mention of it arriving stateside, at least until now when a FCC filing for the Galaxy Beam was spotted with AT&T’s […]


Samsung Galaxy Beam arriving in Asia next month?

The Samsung Galaxy Beam impressed quite a lot of people when it was unveiled at MWC this year, and it looks like the phone is about to hit retail outlets. According to reports online, Samsung will be pushing out the Galaxy Beam in April, with its first market being Asia. The phone has been confirmed by Samsung spokespeople according to IBN Live, but we have yet to see an official […]

Samsung shows how the Galaxy Beam is made

The Samsung Galaxy Beam certainly occupies a unique niche in the world of Android-powered smartphones – it is the first of its kind that comes with an integrated projector, basically allowing you to enjoy full length movies and presentations right there and then on the spot without having to lug around a heavy projector on your travels. Well, conceiving the idea of the Samsung Galaxy Beam is certainly a journey […]

Samsung announces Galaxy Beam smartphone with built-in projector

When the name Samsung Galaxy Beam is mentioned, what comes to mind? If you were thinking about an Android smartphone with a built-in projector, then yes you would be right on the money! The device will sport an ultra-bright 15 lumens fully built-in projector that Samsung claims will allow for use even in outdoor environments, and if you’re the type that needs to make presentations on the go, then perhaps […]

Samsung Galaxy Beam will not receive Froyo update

The Samsung Galaxy Beam i8520 that was released earlier this July with Android 2.1 in tow will not be receiving the Android 2.2 Froyo update in the future, simply because the “customer base is too small to justify for the allocation of dedicated resources at HQ.” Pretty lame excuse if you ask us, but considering the fact that it was released only in Singapore might have a sliver of justification […]