Samsung has just announced that developers will be able to access an updated version of Tizen as well as the Tizen SDK. Just what the heck is Tizen? Unless you have been living under a rock without any form of communication at all to the outside world, Tizen is actually Samsung’s open-source, standards-based mobile operating system which is currently being developed. The new version will come along as a beta, where it will throw in an updated user interface framework, web APIs, and support for Windows and Ubuntu platforms. Not only that, Huawei did indicate their recent inclusion as part of the Tizen Foundation Association Board of Directors. With Huawei’s status as a member – being on the Board of Directors, no less, it would mean Huawei is able to access the mobile platform as well as Samsung’s developer resources. Does this signal additional smartphones from Huawei in the future, which will not only run on the Android operating system, but also have a separate branch that takes the Tizen route as well? [Press Release]

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