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Samsung’s Next Smartwatch Could DItch Tizen In Favor Of Wear OS
While a lot of other manufacturers have been more than happy to hop on board the Wear OS wearable platform made by Google, Samsung has been trying to forge ahead with their own path by using Tizen. So far Samsung has been fairly successful with it, with its smartwatches actually being quite popular.

Samsung Gear Sport Review: Hands-on
#IFA2017 – Samsung is coming to IFA 2017 with a brand new smartwatch, the successor of the Gear S3 Frontier, the Gear Sport is a more affordable and fitness-dedicated smart timepiece.The Korean manufacturer thoroughly collected users’ feedback to figure out what is the most sought-after feature and which ones needed improvement. During the new wearable products presentation, David Ng, Product Manager, Wearable at Samsung explained that people are using their […]

Samsung Expected To Unveil New Tizen OS For Home Appliances
Samsung’s Tizen platform is typically viewed as a mobile operating system that is an alternative to iOs and Android devices out there, like the recently launched Samsung Z4. However it seems that Samsung has bigger plans for Tizen in the future, like maybe using it to power smart home appliances and connected devices.

Samsung Z4 Tizen Smartphone Launched
We know that Samsung has been playing both sides of the mobile operating system scene, with the bulk of Samsung’s mobile efforts focusing on Google’s Android OS, while at the same time the company has been releasing low-end devices that are powered by Tizen. That being said Samsung is back with their latest Tizen effort in the form of the Samsung Z4.


Samsung’s Tizen OS Reportedly Riddled With Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Today’s mobile landscape has pretty much matured to the point where users either choose between iOS or Android. This is versus several years ago where there were more smartphone operating systems battling it out for market share, and while that still holds true today, it has become much less obvious.

Samsung Encourages Developers To Create Apps For Tizen
It goes without saying that a mobile platform is as good as its apps. This is because while a mobile platform could offer up a ton of features by itself, apps are what takes it further and makes your phone more functional, like being able to book movie tickets on the go, making dinner reservations, calling an Uber, and more.

Huawei Reportedly Working On A Tizen Smartwatch
While iOS and Android might be dominating the smartphone and tablet market, when it comes to wearables, OEMs are still pretty free to choose what they want to go with. Sure, they could go with Google’s Android Wear, they could even create their own platform, and there is always Tizen which Samsung has adopted for most of its wearables.

The Samsung Z2 Tizen Smartphone Is Now Official
So we have been hearing a bit about the Samsung Z2, another Tizen smartphone by the South Korean tech giant. Following yesterday’s alleged official renders, it looks like we will no longer need to speculate and look at rumors because Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Z2.

Alleged Official Samsung Z2 Renderings Leaked
It is no secret that Samsung is working on a new Tizen handset called the Samsung Z2. Just the other day a video surfaced which more or less gave away some of the phone’s features, but now thanks to renderings obtained and published by Dutch website (via SamMobile), we have a better idea of what the Samsung Z2 looks like.

Samsung Z2 Video Leaves Little To The Imagination
We have been hearing a bit about Samsung’s next Tizen handset, the Samsung Z2. Just yesterday alleged specs of the phone leaked, but now it seems that we have something better: an official video that was uploaded onto YouTube, thanks to the folks at SamMobile. The video walks us through some of the phone’s specs and features.

This Is What The Samsung Z2 Could Be Packing Under Its Hood
Samsung has been having relatively good success with its Tizen range of smartphones. Granted they’re not exactly similar to the Galaxy S and Note series in terms of popularity, but as far as affordable non-Android handsets are concerned, they appear to be doing quite well. Now there have been rumors of a Samsung Z2 and thanks to SamMobile, its alleged specs have been revealed.

Samsung's New Tizen Phone May Be Launched In Additional Markets
Samsung is expected to come out with a new Tizen-powered smartphone in the second half of 2016. The company normally releases its Tizen smartphones in select markets like India and Bangladesh but a new rumor suggests that it’s going to release the upcoming handset in additional markets. Some of the markets are said to be located in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Samsung’s Next Smartwatch ‘Solis’ Will Be Run On Tizen [Rumor]
The most recent wearable from Samsung is not a smartwatch, but instead it is the Gear Fit 2 that is more like a fitness tracker and was launched earlier this month. Now for those who are more interested in a smartwatch, it seems that some details have emerged about Samsung’s Gear S2 successor.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Fitness Band with GPS
It is great to see Samsung coming up with a new model of the Gear Fit, one of the most advanced fitness band at the time of its launch at MWC 2014 in Barcelona. The key feature of the Gear Fit was its gorgeous curved display, that made the device a hybrid between a smart band and a smartwatch.Just like its predecessor, the Gear Fit2 runs Samsung’s own Tizen OS, […]

Samsung Z1 (2016) Model Could Be In The Works
Last January, Samsung launched their first Tizen-based smartphone in the form of the Samsung Z1. The handset itself is rather basic with nothing much to shout about, but its price makes it a relatively value-for-money purchase meant for emerging markets has seen it sell a fair number of units.

Samsung Has Another Tizen Smartphone In The Pipeline
Android and iOS are two of the most widely used mobile operating systems in the world. They have effectively wiped out the likes of Windows Phone and BlackBerry but Samsung is still trying to push Tizen, even though it’s not making that big of a deal out of it. Listing on an import tracking database shows that Samsung has started testing a new Tizen smartphone that will likely be out […]

Alleged Upcoming Samsung Wearable Leaked
MWC is coming up and we expect that there will be several announcements that companies will be making at the event. Samsung will most likely be present and while the Galaxy S7 is one of the more highly anticipated devices, we expect that there could be other devices announced, such as wearables.

Samsung Launches GAIA, Makes Their Smart TVs Harder To Hack
In recent times when connected objects are starting to become more ubiquitous, some security analysts have criticized such products not so much for their functionality, but for their security because as it stands, there is no standard security protocol to prevent such devices from being hijacked or hacked.However the good news for Samsung smart TV owners is that it looks like your Tizen-powered devices will now be more secure, thanks […]

Samsung Gear S2 Update Will Improve Its Battery
While having a large battery obviously helps with battery life, having an optimized piece of software can also help with getting as much battery as possible. Take for example the Samsung Gear S2. The smartwatch comes with a 250mAh battery which is smaller than the competition out there, but so far reviews have found that the device lasts around 1.5-2 days on average.The good news is that according to reports, […]

High-End Samsung Tizen Smartphone Reportedly Coming Next Year
Samsung has already released a couple of handsets powered by Tizen, no wonder Tizen has surpassed BlackBerry as the fourth largest mobile operating system, but the handsets haven’t been released in all markets and have not been flagships. That’s because the company has focused these efforts on emerging markets where demand for cheaper handsets is greater. However according to a new report a high-end Samsung Tizen smartphone is in the pipeline and […]