Heads up fans of Square Enix’s games, it seems that the game company definitely has more titles up their sleeves for 2012 as they have recently filed for two new trademarks in Europe. These trademarks have revealed that the company may have two new games lined up with the names “Drakerider” and “Blood of Chaos”. Interestingly both names have warranted domain titles of their own (drakerider.com and bloodofchaos.com), but at the moment visiting either page turn up nothing.

Now we know that Square Enix is working on a unannounced title which they will be announcing later this year, so could either Drakerider or Blood of Chaos be it? Based on the title, Drakerider sounds like it could be a game involving the flying of dragons, while Siliconera seems to think that Blood of Chaos could be the sequel to Blood of Bahamut, a game published by Square Enix on the Nintendo DS back in 2009. Either way we’ll be keeping an eye out for both titles.

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