Square Enix ‘Wants’ To Bring Kingdom Hearts 3 Onto The Switch

While the Nintendo Switch has proven to be a commercial success for Nintendo, it seems that there are still quite a few big named games out there that have yet to be released on the console. We’re not sure why, but if we had to guess, hardware limitations could be one of them as the Switch isn’t exactly the most powerful console compared to the PS4 or Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far Collection Announced

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out next year and we’re sure that there are some out there who have never played the series before and are wondering what the fuss is all about. The good news is that if you’ve never played it before and want to catch up before playing the third installment in the franchise, Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far has been announced.

Final Fantasy VII Will Becoming To The Nintendo Switch

The other day Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD was announced for the Nintendo Switch. It turns out that it wasn’t the only Final Fantasy game announced for the console because during Nintendo’s Direct event, it has been confirmed that the classic and legendary Final Fantasy VII will also be arriving on the console.

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Announced For Later This Year

After years of being teased, Square Enix has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be launching on the 29th of January, 2019. This means that we still have a few more months until the game is official, and we’re sure that many gamers can’t wait to get their hands on it. However the good news is that Square Enix has announced something that will tide gamers over until then.


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Coming To Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has in the past expressed their liking of the Nintendo Switch. The interest also led to some wondering if the company could be bringing some of their Final Fantasy titles onto the Switch, like they have in the past with the DS consoles. The company had stated last year that they were still trying to figure it out.

No Plans To Bring Tomb Raider Onto The Nintendo Switch

The response from developers and publishers to the Nintendo Switch is a very different tone compared to that of the Wii U, where even retailers called its sales “disappointing”. However it seems that despite the Switch’s popularity, not everyone is ready to hop on board the bandwagon just yet.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Will Offer Players More Complex Difficulty Settings

When it comes to choosing difficulty levels in games, for the most part a lot of the times it has been separated into easy, normal, hard, or in some cases it can go to “insane” or “extreme”. This is true for Square Enix’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but it seems that they will be making it a bit more complex to give gamers more control over it.

‘Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’ Will Have A Tie-In Novel

The Tomb Raider franchise is a long and storied one, and thanks to the various movies that have been released so far, the franchise has its own lore and backstory going on. However if you are looking for more lore and content that’s Tomb Raider-related, perhaps there is a new book worth picking up.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Campaign Will Last 40-50 Hours

There are some gamers who love to sit back and savor their games, then there are those who can’t wait to get to the end. The good news is that if you’re looking forward to playing Square Enix’s upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll be pleased to learn that the game will last you quite a while.

Square Enix Admits Final Fantasy VII Remake Was Announced Too Early

The Final Fantasy VII remake was announced back in 2015 and now fast forward 3 years later, we still don’t have anything to look forward to. The game’s producer Tetsuya Nomura has reassured fans that the game is in development but when exactly we can expect its release is anyone’s guess.

Tetsuya Nomura Reassures That Final Fantasy VII Remake Is In Development

While Kingdom Hearts 3 was no doubt the focus on Square Enix’s E3 2018 presentation, a notable absence at Square Enix’s presentation was the Final Fantasy VII remake. The game was announced a couple of years ago but fast forward to today, Square Enix has revealed little to nothing about the game and their progress.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Deluxe Edition Will Cost Gamers $230

After having been announced years ago, Square Enix finally confirmed that the game would be released on the 29th of January, 2019. For fans of the game who can’t wait to get their hands on the game, you might be interested to learn that there will be a Deluxe Edition that will be priced at $230.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Gameplay Trailer Released

A couple of months ago, the official trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider was released. For those who want a more in-depth look at the game, Square Enix is more than happy to oblige as the company has since unveiled a new gameplay trailer for the game at E3 2018.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Made Official

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 is a title that’s being anxiously awaited by fans across the globe. Multiple trailers and screenshots of the new game have already been released online to create hype for the game. It was reported last month that the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date will finally be made official in June and that report as turned out to be true because Square Enix has officially revealed […]