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So earlier this year, Square Enix raised some eyebrows when the company announced that they were interested in integrating NFTs into its games. For those who might be concerned, you can rest assured that while the company still has plans for NFTs, it will not be making its way into Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14, for those unfamiliar, is one of the more popular MMORPGs around with a  ton of players. If anything, it would actually make sense for Square Enix to take advantage of that player base to insert NFTs into the game, but thankfully that won’t be the case, according to Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda.

According to the Letter to the Producer livestream, Yosuke said, “Based on how FF14 is designed we don’t intend on incorporating any sort of NFT element in the game at this point, so if anybody is worried or concerned about it I can clearly state at this time that we do not have any intentions to incorporate that into the game.”

The concept of NFTs have been rather contentious. This is largely due to the fact that NFTs are bought using cryptocurrency which is still highly speculative, leading many to question whether the NFTs being sold are truly worth the price that they are fetching.

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