Google logoBack in December, it was reported that Google might be coming up with a voice assistant feature of their own to compete against Apple’s Siri. The rumor back then revealed that the service was code named “Majel”, but now thanks to a fresh set of rumors, it seems that Google’s upcoming voice assistant feature has had its name confirmed to be “Assistant”.

Naturally Google plans to take this feature further than Siri, and given one of Google’s strongest suits is its ability to aggregate data, we guess we weren’t surprised to learn that according to reports, one of the goals Google plans to achieve is to put the world’s knowledge into a format a computer can understand, create a personalization layer, along with a voice-controlled “do engine” that will apparently help with users accomplishing real life goals.

On top of that, it seems that Google will be making the service open to Android developers which we’re guessing will help broaden its functionality. Assuming the rumors are to be believed, Google intends to roll out the Assistant feature come Q4 of 2012, which will most likely be rolled out together with the next version of Android.

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