I would understand if a pop or rock stars’ concerts were sold out, but in the Land of the Rising Sun, very different things do crop up from time to time. Take for instance, digital diva Hatsune Miku, who recently sold out all four of her concerts in Tokyo, Japan. That means over 10,000 fans have snapped up the tickets in a short time. Just who is Hatsune Miku, you ask? Well, is is actually not a person, but a program that was developed by Crypton Future Media. However, due to her personality, she is warmly received by her fans (it does help that she looks as cute as a button, too), with reactions akin to that given to human musicians. This computer generated diva will merge the performances of more than 20 people into a single soundtrack, where voices from humans are recorded before being run through through Yamaha’s Vocaloid software, resulting in Hatsune Miku’s unique voice. Would you support a digital version of the Beatles or Michael Jackson?

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