Articles about Virtual Reality (VR)

Apple Could Bring Spatial Audio To Its Virtual And Augmented Reality Devices
Virtual reality can make users feel like they’re immersed into the virtual world that they’re seeing, but visuals only add to the effect up to a certain extent. To help further create the sense of immersion, audio can also help play a role, and that’s something that Apple is exploring in a patent discovered by AppleInsider.

Apple Wants To Make It More Obvious That Its Smart Glasses Are Recording
One of the problems with the Google Glass is that the camera was built into it. This raised some privacy concerns which might have been one of the reasons why it ultimately failed. According to Patently Apple, they have uncovered some patents from Apple which shows how the company is looking into various ways to make recording more obvious, so people are more aware.

Apple’s VR Headset Might Be Able To Detect Furniture
The problem with playing games in VR is that you need to have ample room to move about. This is because sometimes VR gets a bit too immersive and you might find yourself bumping into furniture and knocking things down. However, since having access to a wide and open space isn’t always possible, Apple has come up with a way to deal with that problem.

Apple Wants To Put Air Conditioning Technology In Its VR Headset
The problem with wearables like headphones or headsets is that they aren’t always designed to be worn for extended periods of time and can get uncomfortable. However, Apple is looking into ways to make them more comfortable, at least based on a patent discovered by AppleInsider pertaining to the company’s rumored VR headset.


Analyst Believes Apple Watch AssistiveTouch Could Be Used To Control The Apple Glasses
There have been rumors that claim that Apple could be working on smart glasses. These glasses have been rumored to debut in the next few years, but analyst Neil Cybart seems to think that we might already be looking at Apple laying some of the foundations for it, such as the Apple Watch’s AssistiveTouch feature.

New Oculus Update Lets You See Yourself In VR
One of the problems with VR is that it’s so immersive that sometimes you can forget your surroundings. It’s also almost impossible to see yourself from the inside, at least until now where a recent update to the Oculus mobile app will give VR users the ability to see themselves in a VR setting.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Could Feature As Many As 15 Cameras
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could be developing a couple of wearable headsets. While the rumored Apple Glasses are the most anticipated of the bunch, Apple is also said to be developing a mixed reality headset that could debut as soon as next year, and now analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has come forward with some additional details.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Could Debut In The Next Few Months
It is no secret that Apple is working on a mixed reality headset and that the company could launch the device ahead of their augmented reality glasses. In fact, it could be very soon, at least according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who claims that Apple will launch the device in the coming months.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Could Weigh Under 150 Grams
Word on the street has it that Apple is developing its own mixed reality headset that could launch as soon as next year. The problem with a lot of mixed reality headsets is that they tend to be quite heavy due to all the hardware stuffed inside of it, which means that they can’t be worn for very long periods of time.

Apple’s VR Headset Could Feature Eye Tracking, Iris Recognition
If you buy into the rumors, you might have heard reports that Apple is apparently looking to launch a VR headset next year. We know that there have been rumors about a pair of AR glasses, but apparently Apple wants to launch a VR headset first. Now thanks to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, details about the alleged VR headset have surfaced.

This Is Apple’s Alleged Roadmap For Its Augmented Reality Wearables
It has long been rumored that Apple could be planning their own augmented reality based smart glasses. However, recent rumors have suggested that the company could actually be planning other mixed reality devices as well, such as an AR/VR headset. Now according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this is when we might be able to expect them.

Apple’s Rumored VR Headset Could Cost $3,000
As some of you might have heard, it wasn’t too long ago that there was a rumor claiming that Apple could actually be planning to launch a VR headset ahead of their AR glasses. Now thanks to a new report from The Information (paywall), more details about the rumored device has surfaced.

You Can Now Chat With Friends In VR Using Facebook Messenger
Virtual reality is a fun piece of technology. It immerses people into virtual worlds which is great for gaming. We’ve also seen how it can be therapeutic, and now if you happen to own an Oculus VR headset, it seems that Facebook has finally integrated its Messenger service into the platform.

Virtual Reality Helped A Husband Meet His Deceased Wife One More Time
Virtual reality has a ton of uses, most of which are games because it does seem to be a very obvious candidate for that. However, it seems that maybe the technology behind VR could also be used for other things, such as providing therapy, where it could help people who lost loved ones get some closure and move on.

Apple Could Launch A VR Headset Ahead Of Their AR Glasses
When it comes to reality-based devices, Apple has typically leaned more towards augmented reality (AR) while the competition, like Valve and Facebook, has focused more on virtual reality (VR). However, it seems that Apple could have had a change of heart because a report from Bloomberg claims that the company could debut its own VR headset as early as next year.

Panasonic’s VR Glasses Gives Off Steampunk Vibes
There are several VR headsets in the market at the moment, but for the most part, a lot of them are really bulky. To help combat this, Panasonic has actually been developing their own pair of VR glasses that are designed to look like glasses. According to the company, the idea is that this will make it more lightweight than current designs, and will also make it easier to put […]

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator Is Now Available In VR
Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is one of the most detailed and realistic flight simulation games we’ve seen. However, the problem with the game is that despite the attention to detail and the high-res graphics, it still doesn’t quite feel like you’re flying an airplane, but the good news is that you’ll get the chance to now.

Varjo VR-3 and XR-3 New Human-Resolution Headsets For Ultra-Realism
Varjo has announced new VR headsets aimed at the professional markets for applications such as high-end simulations, computer-assisted design, etc.

Stretchable, Synthetic Skin Lets Users ‘Feel’ Objects In Virtual Reality
As immersive as virtual reality (VR) tech is visually, there is a bit of a disconnect between what you see and what you can “touch” in a VR environment. We’ve seen companies come up with various ways to allow users to feel objects in VR, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that researchers at Cornell University have also come up with their own solution.

Samsung And Stanford Have Created A 10,000 DPI Display
When we talk about pixel density, there is the argument that when it comes to smartphones, it stops being as relevant at a certain point or resolution. This is because at the distance we typically hold our phones, our eyes stop noticing how sharp certain things are, like the difference between a 720p display on a 5-inch smartphone and a 1080p display on a 5-inch smartphone.