MacBook ProA couple of days ago, we reported on a touch display Ultrabook reference model by Intel, a device that not only has the functionality and design of an Ultrabook, but also comes with a touch screen display, allowing users to perform gestures and additional functions with their fingers. For Mac fans out there who are wondering if Apple could be planning something similar, it certainly seems that way thanks to a trademark filed by Apple that could indicate the Cupertino company’s interest in hopping aboard that bandwagon.

Thanks to Patently Apple, it was revealed that Apple had filed for a trademark in Hong Kong for the “MacBook Pro” name under the International Class 009, with its description reading:

Computers; notebook computers; computer hardware; computer software; computer operating system software; computer utility software; computer peripherals; computer batteries; remote controls; disk drives; power cords; power converters; video cameras; speakers for computers; microprocessors; computer memory boards; keyboards; computer docking stations; computer displays and monitors; touchscreens; computer mice; trackballs; trackpads; cables and connectors; flash memory drives; modems; personal digital assistants; video disc players; audio disc players; still cameras; digital cameras; semiconductors; integrated circuits; instructional manuals in electronic form packaged with the above; bags and cases adapted or shaped to contain portable and handheld computers, tablet computers, personal digital assistants, electronic organizers and electronic notepads.

While this might seem like your standard description for a computer trademark filing like the MacBook Pro, it seems that previous trademark filings for the MacBook Pro (i.e. last year’s model) did not mention anything about touchscreens, tablet computers or electronic notepads. So, what do you guys think? Of course it should be noted that this trademark filing in no way confirms such a device from Apple, but one can always hope, right?

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