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Apple Might Have Confirmed The M1X Macs
Were you disappointed when at WWDC Apple did not announce new MacBook Pros like the rumors said they would? If you are disappointed, you’re not alone, but at the same time, it’s hard to be surprised as WWDC is usually software focused. Sure, Apple did announce the M1 chipsets last year at WWDC, but it felt like a one-off thing.

New MacBook Pros Now Expected In Q3 2021
Ahead of WWDC 2021, there were reports and rumors that Apple might actually debut new MacBook Pros at the event. Clearly that did not happen, much to the disappointment of some we imagine, so the question is when can we expect to see Apple’s rumored redesigned MacBook Pros?

Mini LED MacBook Pro Expected In Second Half Of 2021
Apple’s MacBook laptops are still using LCD screens. This is versus the iPhone which has switched to OLED, and the iPad Pros which have adopted mini LED. However, that could change later this year because a report from DigiTimes is claiming that Apple is expected to launch mini LED MacBook Pros later this year.

14-inch And 16-inch MacBook Pros Expected At WWDC 2021
Last year, Apple introduced their new M1 powered 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops, but it also begged the question of what happened to Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro? Obviously Apple will be giving it an update. An earlier rumor suggested that it might actually be unveiled at WWDC 2021, which analysts now believe to be true as well.


Concept 16-inch MacBook Pro Renders Looks Amazing
According to the rumors, Apple is expected to introduce a brand new design for its upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro. The design the company has been using is kind of old, and the only changes Apple has made was to remove some ports and add a new color option, but otherwise it feels largely unchanged.

Apple Could Debut New MacBook Pro At WWDC
We’ve been hearing for a while that Apple could be working on a new and redesigned MacBook Pro, but when will we be seeing this computer? Given that last year Apple refreshed some of its Mac computers towards the end of the year, we assumed it would be the case this year as well, but apparently not.

Apple’s Next-Gen MacBook Pro Could Sport M1X Chipset
We know that Apple is for sure working on a next-gen MacBook Pro model, which even without the rumors is a given, but what kind of hardware are we looking at? According to iOS developer Dylandkt, it seems that the next MacBook Air could be powered by the M1X chipset, a variation of the current M1.

Redesigned MacBook Pro Expected To Launch This Summer
For a while now we have heard rumors that Apple could be redesigning the MacBook Pro. The laptop has pretty much maintained its design for quite a while now and it is due for a refresh, especially with Apple planning on introducing the Apple Silicon chipset to it. The good news is that the redesign could launch this summer.

MacBooks With Mini LED Displays Might Be Delayed To 2022
With the launch of the new iPad Pro, Apple introduced mini LED display technology to the tablet. It is also the first time we’re seeing the use of mini LEDs in any of Apple’s products, and we expect that Apple will eventually bring it to other devices. In fact, it has been rumored that the 2021 MacBook Pro refresh could actually see the use of mini LED displays.

YouTuber Gives His MacBook Pro A Mechanical Keyboard ‘Upgrade’
Laptop keyboards are hardly the best keyboards to type on. They are functional, no doubt about that, but it just doesn’t compare to a proper keyboard, but we suppose that’s one of the trade-offs to being able to carry your computer around with you. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve on it, right?

2021’s MacBook Pro Could Come With A Mini LED Display
A couple of weeks ago, Apple launched their first mini LED product with the iPad Pro. It has been largely rumored that Apple will eventually bring that technology to its other products like its Mac computers, which have been using LCDs for the longest time ever, and it seems that the MacBook Pro refresh later this year could see those efforts come to fruition.

Apple Warns Of iPad And Mac Shortages In Second Half Of 2021
Planning to buy a new iPad or Mac computer? If you are, then you might want to do so soon. This is because during Apple’s earnings call for the second quarter of 2021, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that we might have to anticipate iPad and Mac shortages in the second half of 2021.

Hacker Group That Stole Apple’s Schematics Has Mysteriously Removed Files From Its Website
The other day, it was reported that hacker group REvil had apparently stolen the schematics to an unreleased MacBook Pro from Apple supplier Quanta’s website. The group then reportedly went after the company claiming that if they don’t pay their ransom demands of $50 million, they will keep releasing bits of the schematics until the 1st of May.

New MacBook Pros With XDR Displays Launching This Year
Apple’s laptops have been using LCDs for the longest time, but that could change later this year when the company is rumored to be launching new 14-inch and 16-inch models that could feature XDR displays, which is the branding that Apple seems to be using to refer to mini LED display technology, as evidenced in the company’s latest iPad Pros.

2021 MacBook Pro May Ditch The Touch Bar
A few years ago, Apple introduced the Touch Bar to its MacBook Pro laptops. The feature was meant to be a game changer in terms of laptop design and functionality, but it kind of fell flat. In fact, recent rumors have suggested that for future MacBook Pro models, Apple might end up ditching the feature.

Apple Claims They Are Now Selling More M1 Macs Than Intel-Based Models
Late last year, Apple finally launched their first wave of Mac computers powered by the M1 Apple Silicon chipset. This is part of Apple’s two-year plan in which they will make the full transition to Apple Silicon in place of Intel, and it seems to be a strategy that is working out well for the company.

Schematics For Unreleased MacBook Stolen In Ransomware Attack
We know that Apple is working on new MacBook laptops. More specifically, the company is working on a new MacBook Pro that could also sport a brand new design. This laptop has yet to be officially announced, but it seems that there is a chance that the schematics for this laptop could leak online.

Global Chip Shortage Could Result In Delayed iPads And MacBooks
It has been rumored that Apple could be hosting an event this month where they might unveil new products like iPads and MacBooks. However, to date the company has yet to send out any invites or confirm an event. Were the rumors wrong? Possibly, but there could also be another reason why.

Apple’s 4nm Chipsets Expected To Arrive In 2022
While companies like Samsung, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Huawei make their own chipsets for mobile devices, if there is one competitive edge that Apple has over the rest is the manufacturing process where thanks to their partnership with TSMC, Apple has managed to churn out chipsets built on a smaller process compared to the rest.

Apple Expands Independent Repair Program To More Countries
Repairing a product through the official channels is usually recommended. This is because staff have been trained and the parts used are genuine, meaning that they are more or less guaranteed to work. However, going through the official channels can be expensive, which is why many turn to third-party stores.