Dongles Are Best Buy’s Most Popular Apple Products

Apple’s decision to kill off the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone was a controversial one. The company also made waves when they launched their new MacBooks which completely did away with USB-A ports, instead only leaving behind USB-C ports. What this meant is that newer Apple customers were forced to resort to dongles and USB hubs.

Apple Is Reportedly Moving To More Chinese Suppliers To Lower Costs

Apple has suppliers from all over the world, such as China, Taiwan, just to name a few. However in a report from DigiTimes, it seems that Apple could be making the move to recruit more suppliers in China and shift away from Taiwan in a bid to help reduce their costs. The report cites how this shift has resulted in some Taiwanese suppliers being forced to seek out new businesses.

ARM Claims Future Chips Will Outperform Intel’s By 2020

A lot of companies rely heavily on ARM and their chips. This is because for the most part, a lot of companies use ARM’s architecture for their chips that can be found in plenty of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In fact earlier this year, companies such as Lenovo launched laptops that are powered by ARM-based chips.

New Bug Lets Hackers Compromise Macs During The Setup Process

It is generally thought that a computer fresh from the factory is pretty much as secure as it gets, before software is installed and it is connected to the internet. However that might not be the case with Apple’s Mac computer as security researchers have discovered a bug that could allow Macs to be hacked even before the user logs in for the first time.


Some 2018 MacBook Pros Users Are Reporting Crackling Speakers

Apple’s new MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar aren’t cheap, although for the price that you pay, some level of quality is expected, right? Unfortunately for some 2018 MacBook Pro owners, it doesn’t seem that  way because there are a few reports of these owners experiencing crackling speakers.

Sonnet Unveils Echo 11 Thunderbolt 3 Dock For The MacBook Pro

It is understandable why Apple would swap out the USB 3.0 ports on the MacBooks for USB-C. This is because USB-C is expected to be the new standard in the future and Apple is preparing for that. However as to why Apple did away with the other ports, such as an SD card reader is anyone’s guess.

Apple Has Become The First Trillion Dollar Company In The US

At the start of 2018, it was predicted by some that Apple could very well be on their way to become the first company to be worth $1 trillion. However at the rate some of the competition was growing, there were some who believed that Amazon could beat Apple to the punch, but as it turns out that is no longer the case.

Apple’s Mac Hardware Sales Are At A Seven Year Low

Apple’s recent Q3 2018 financials have revealed that the company made $53.3 billion in revenue. This is a lot of money also represents Apple’s largest Q3 financials to date. However it seems that most of the money being generated aren’t from Apple’s Mac computers because as ZDNet observed, Mac sales are actually at a seven year low.

Apple Offers Free Repairs For Customers Affected By Japan Floods

Some of you guys might have heard how in southwestern Japan, that area of the country has been hit with devastating floods where more than 8 million people were advised to evacuate, and where it has been reported tha 225 people have died as a result of the flood and an additional 13 reported missing.

Video Review Confirm Apple’s Patch For 2018 MacBook Pros Work

About a week ago, popular tech YouTuber Dave Lee posted a video in which he discovered that the new 2018 MacBook Pros with the Intel Core i9 processor were running into throttling issues apparently due to poor thermal management. Apple has since issued a patch for their laptops, claiming that this was a “bug”.

T2 Chip In Apple’s New Mac Computers Are Reportedly Causing Problems

One of the new hardware features that Apple introduced to its Mac computers back in 2017 was the T2 chip in the iMac Pro. Apple then brought the chip over to the 2018 MacBook Pro laptops which seemed like a good thing, but now a report from Digital Trends is suggesting that it might be causing more problems than solving them.

Update For 2018 MacBook Pro Released, Addresses Throttling Bug

Apple’s 2018 refresh of the MacBook Pro finally introduced some hardware upgrades that a professional might benefit from. Or at least that’s what it looked like on paper, but a hands-on review by YouTuber Dave Lee discovered a CPU throttling issue that seemed to be due to the design of the laptop itself.

New MacBook Pro Throttling Confirmed By Apple, Fix Incoming

Apple recently refreshed its MacBook Pro lineup and the new models include a configuration with the Intel Core i9 processor. A YouTube video posted by tech reviewer Dave Lee last week suggested that perhaps the new MacBook Pro was facing throttling issues due to the design of the laptop. It was automatically throttling the speeds in order to prevent the machine from overheating. Apple has acknowledged the issue and confirmed […]

Consumer Reports Defends 2018 MacBook Pro Throttling

Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro refresh introduced some huge changes to the laptop, where they finally allowed users to add up to 32GB of RAM, and there is also the addition of the Intel Core i9 processor which in theory should make it more powerful than previous MacBook Pro models. Unfortunately this wasn’t really the case.