It was announced a few months ago that Netflix’s deal with Starz would be ending in February, and now that March has begun, it looks like it’s finally happened. Netflix users won’t have access to 17 Starz-run channels such as Encore as well as movies from Disney and Sony such as Scarface, Toy Story 3, Beetlejuice, Gangs of New York and more. Netflix had reportedly offered Starz $300 million to extend the deal, but the content provider chose to reject it, believing that its content was worth much more than that.

Netflix has been adding a lot more TV content to its network over recent months, but they have yet to mention what they will be replacing the void left by Starz with. However, Netflix spokesman, Steve Swasey has been quoted as saying, “There’s always an ebb and flow of title availability, and there always will be. There’s never a shortage of stuff. You’ll see more titles soon.” So, Netflix subscribers out there just sit tight for now. Let’s see what the company will have to offer in the coming months.

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