Netflix logoAfter the splitting up its DVD and streaming business earlier this week, it looks like Netflix is ready to take its streaming service into a different direction. Instead of focusing on offering feature-length films, Netflix is going to bring more TV content to its video on demand service. And seeing how Netflix lost one of its partners, Starz, recently – it needed to bring in more content to make up for the void in its service.

Netflix came to the decision that it should add more TV content to its service due to the fact that 60% of its video streams were coming from subscribers who were streaming TV shows. While that may seem like the right thing to do based on findings, I wonder if it took into account that maybe people were streaming TV content because there were no movies they were interested in watching, or because most users preferred to watch movies on their rented DVDs instead?

Whatever it is, it looks like Netflix users will be able to catch more TV shows on the service instead of movies in the future. I guess subscribers will be able to watch TV shows that they caught on to just before the shows’ cancellations, and to catch up on missing episodes of their favorite series. What do you think of Netflix’s decision? Is adding more TV content the right way to go for the service?

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