Heads up would-be Nikon D3S owners, it seems that Nikon USA has pulled the DSLR from its page, although it seems that the Nikon D90, D3000, D300S, D700 and D3X are still listed. However Adorama still has the D3S in stock, but if it the reports and speculation are to be believed, that stock could be limited as Nikon may have discontinued the D3S. For those following the camera news, there were some murmurs back in December that the D3S could be out of production, but it looks like those rumors turned out to be true as a quick trip down to Nikon Japan’s page has the D3S listed as discontinued. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled, but for now it looks like if you were planning on getting your hands on the D3S, you could be out of luck.

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