Unlike Sony, who are known for their mirrorless cameras, Nikon is known more for their DSLRs. However, the company is hoping to catch up in the mirrorless market segment, so much so that the company has recently stated that for the time being, their focus will be mostly on their mirrorless camera lineup.

So what does this mean? For those who love Nikon’s DSLR cameras and are hoping to see some new products or new innovations in that area, it would seem that you might have to wait. The comments made by Nikon indicate that the company would be prioritizing their mirrorless cameras first before they turn their attention back to their DSLRs.

The company’s Z-series has admittedly been a much better launch compared to their previous mirrorless efforts. While they still aren’t capturing the same market share compared to the likes of Sony, the Z-series has found itself quite a few fans. At this point it is unclear what kind of new Z-series cameras the company could be planning, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

The last time the company launched new Z-series cameras was back in October 2020, with the launch of the Nikon Z6 II and the Nikon Z7 II.

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