The Raspberry Pi, touted to be the world’s smallest desktop by some (if you get the right case, of course), has just had its Linux distro released, but then again, there are niggling issues with its production. Apparently, the manufacturer somehow managed to use Ethernet jacks without integrated magnetics, which in turn are integrated transformers that offer DC-isolation in addition to filtering noise out. The wrong jacks have been soldered to the Raspberry Pi boards, and to remedy this mistake, they have to be removed – and obviously, replaced with the right parts and bits before the Raspberry Pi is shipped to the end users. Good thing these Ethernet jacks have been said to be relatively easy to replace. Hopefully with such delays, interest for the $35 Raspberry Pi will not die out. Are you one of those who contributed to the Raspberry Pi’s phenomenal demand rate of up to 700 units per second?

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