While many countries around the globe today do suffer from a lack of jobs, you need not worry if you are this particular robot that was developed by Russian researchers. Coming in a humanoid form factor, the robot is also known as the S-400, making it the first space robot from Russia in over a couple of decades. Just what kind of tasks can it perform? We are looking at simple ones that require repetitive movement including screwing on bolts, and even scouring the spacecraft for signs of damage. This Russian robot will head off to the International Space Station (ISS) within a couple of years’ time, and if it continues to operate normally in the future, will also be part of future missions to the Moon and Mars. I wonder what will the S-400 say to the US humanoid robot that is currently service on the ISS. Surely they would not be talking about politics, no? Perhaps they can share ideas on how to repair the ISS, with the Russian robot giving 140% of all it has got.

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