Since we have Smart TVs and smart cars, why not introduce the smart inhaler? This is what the T-Haler is all about, where it will feature miniature sensors that are built right into the medical contraption, making sure that asthma patients will be on the receiving end of optimal drug doses. In a research that was conducted recently, 75% of asthma sufferers fail to use their inhaler in an effective method, which means there is a clarion call for training to happen outside of the doctor’s office. With the T-Haler, whenever a patient inhales using the device, information concerning the technique will be sent in real time over to a computer that comes pre-loaded with a game.

Should you inhale too softly, in a manner that is too hard, being too early or too late, a ball will role away from a hole in the center. Obviously, this was specially programmed in a way to train your body into taking the right action at the precise time, so that the ball will eventually end up in the hole. I guess offering a visual representation helps asthma sufferers figure out just how they are inhaling wrongly, and with the proper corrections made in a fun way, one ought to be able to see far more effective use of inhalers.

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