T-Mobile logoYou know that times are hard when governments around the world start implementing austerity measures, while companies look for ways to trim their workforce. T-Mobile USA is the latest ‘victim’, where the corporation has decided to shed up to 1,900 jobs – equalling to 5% of its workforce, and will begin that by closing down seven of their call centers, not to mention having the looming spectre of more possible layoffs in the coming months. This cost cutting measure is meant to preserve cash for investment in its network. Deutsche Telekom did signal its intention to leave the US market, so T-Mobile USA will need to look towards creative and different ways of making itself more financially independent of its parent, and layoffs are just the start. Being the fourth largest mobile service provider in the US is not an easy ride, where they have seen their subscriber share slide in recent times. Having less subscribers means lowering the need for call centers, and the upcoming closures will leave just 17 call centers remaining.

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