One of the features Apple introduced in iOS 15 is iCloud Private Relay. It acts almost like a VPN where it basically hides personal data of the user while they browse the web. It’s a useful feature for those who do not like the idea that websites and advertising companies are tracking them and using their data to serve up personalized ads.

However, it seems that over in the US, T-Mobile is reportedly blocking iPhone users from enabling the feature on their phone. According to iPhone users who are on T-Mobile’s network, when they try to turn the feature on, they are greeted with an error message that basically tells them their current cellular plan does not support the feature.

The message reads, “Your cellular plan doesn’t support iCloud Private Relay. With Private Relay turned off, this network can monitor your internet activity, and your IP address is not hidden from known trackers or websites.” T-Mobile wouldn’t be the first carrier to block the feature as there are also recent reports that some carriers in Europe had also started to block the feature.

Neither T-Mobile nor Apple have commented on this issue yet, but as 9to5Mac notes, it is worrying that carriers are interfering with system-level features, and how this seems to underscore some of the limitations of the feature. We’re not sure if other carriers plan on following suit, but if you are affected, you might want to consider using a VPN as an alternative.

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