If you needed to have your iPhone repaired, you’ve got a few options to choose from. You can send the phone to Apple to get it fixed, send it to an authorized service center, repair it at a third-party (and unofficial) repair place, and now it looks like you have a fourth option which is to get it fixed at T-Mobile.

According to a report from the Tmo Report, it appears that T-Mobile is gearing up to allow iPhone users to have their iPhones repaired at their stores. If you’re wondering if this is only for T-Mobile customers, it isn’t and basically if you own an iPhone, you can walk into a T-Mobile store to get it fixed.

This might be more convenient for some users where they might actually live closer to a T-Mobile store than an Apple store or an authorized service provider, so if that’s the case for you, you now have one more option to choose from. Plus, there is also a chance that the T-Mobile store you’ve chosen could have less customers waiting for iPhone repairs compared to other places, so you might actually get it done faster.

According to the report, we’re talking about repairs such as replacing the front glass, along with speaker and camera replacements, just to name a few. For iPhone users who might need a repair and want to get it done at a T-Mobile store, head on over to Apple’s website to get started.

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