The US military has a mind to hack into foreign game consoles in order to extract data that is stashed away on hard drives. Obviously, they will outsource the job to a company known as Obscure Technologies, where they will purchase second-hand consoles from overseas in order to develop computer forensic tools. Basically, the company’s job is to buy out consoles from outside the US “in a manner that is likely to result in their containing significant and sensitive information from previous users”, followed by delivering the right kind of tools to extract information alongside any potentially useful data that it can, while reporting on the kind of methods utilized. Does not sound like child’s play any more, right? Well, Obscure Technologies might be the right candidate since they have experience in cracking video game hardware, considering how the company’s lead scientist had previously managed to reverse-engineer the original Xbox. Just what does the US military want to do with information from old consoles is another matter to think about.

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