YouTubeDon’t you just hate it when you get interrupted during a long video on YouTube you forget to pause and when you come back later you’ve completely forgotten where you left off? To solve those problems, Google has announced a new feature to make resuming a video much easier. Coming soon to the YouTube player is the ability to view thumbnails of the different parts of a video. All you have to do is hover over the seekbar and you’ll get to see thumbnails of the video which should make selection easier. Just find the scene that you remember watching last, click it and the video will continue playing from there.

And if you’re watching a video that’s longer than 90 minutes, you can even zoom into the seekbar, one and a half minutes at a time so you can select thumbnails more precisely. At the moment the feature isn’t available for all videos yet, but you can try it on YouTube’s recent feature – Life In A Day. No word on whether these features will make it to mobile or app versions of YouTube but let’s hope it doesn’t take too long as well.

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