A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have taken inspiration from a gecko climbing up a wall and subsequently created a super-strong adhesive material which is based closely on the feet of the wall-climbing lizard.

Michael Bartless and his team from the university’s science and engineering lab have been studying how geckos are able to run up and down smooth surfaces such as glass regardless of the angles at which the surfaces are at. After many experiments and observation sessions followed by a close analysis of the gecko’s feet, the team invented an adhesive material that emulates the lizard’s ability to “stick” to a wall.

According to the report, a gecko’s feet has an adhesive force that is the same as carrying 9 pounds up a wall without falling. Considering its smaller size and lesser weight, that is an eye-opening bit of information. The creation that has been spawned is a square shaped adhesive that measures up at 16 square inches that is capable of holding something that weighs in at 700 pounds. Although the picture above isn’t as clear as it could be, it shows a 42-inch television which is being held up by the material in question.

Another feature that we will all be thankful for is that once the material is stuck on a wall, it can be easily removed and replaced without any of the sticky residue left behind. For now though, there is no word if there is a commercial version of the product but the nifty little adhesive based just goes to show how the science of animals can help human beings today.

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