DRONE Bluetooth controller gets new design, sports 2 joysticks this time round

Do it once, do it right – but unfortunately, not everyone gets the job done right the first time around, which is why we humans learn best from our mistakes. When we talked about the DRONE open source Bluetooth controller that targeted smartphones and tablets (due to the lack of buttons on those devices these days) last month, the design looked great, save for the fact that a poll ran by the designers showed that 330 people wanted 2 joysticks, while a mere 10 folks were fine with a single joystick. Well, the people have spoken, so you can be sure that the DRONE Bluetooth controller has undergone a redesign, where you can check out the complete picture gallery right after the jump. Would a couple of joysticks keep you happy now? It should, considering how there should be a double amount of joy this time around. Anyone wants to speculate just how much the DRONE will cost when it hits the market?

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