The YouTube app on Google TV has just been updated, so you can be sure that your viewing experience over the TV is a whole lot more interactive and fun from now on, not to say that it wasn’t so previously, but you get my drift. Recommendations, channel search, a better playback and the +1 button on videos are all new features that you have not taken advantage of before, and we shall look at those in closer detail right after the talking about recommendations here. The My YouTube tab will organize all your videos in YouTube through the Recommendations option for a more relevant user experience. Similar to a living, breathing playlist, Recommendations introduces you to the creative world of YouTube creators, even letting you see how mundane, everyday items such as pillows, a car wash, and taxidermy are related.

Recommendations will work hand in hand with Search in order to help you discover different kinds of videos, as you can never quite tell whether a particular channel is interesting or not at first glance. Since YouTube channels started to appear on Google TV this February, Channel Search has been thrown into the mix to help you search for the right channel in a quick and mapinless manner. If you find something you like, subscribe to it and the channel will be available and constantly updated whenever you point to the My YouTube tab.

+1 your videos now on YouTube, and expect that to show up in your Google+ profile for a far more profile experience. So, do all of the above makes it compulsory to rush out and purchase a new TV that supports YouTube? The answer is no, but to have one that does offers you options, like many of the other finer things in life.

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