While we don’t make it a habit of covering feature phones, we do make the occasional exception when it is particularly interesting. In this case the phone in question is the LG LU2700S, a flip phone whose hardware specs aren’t exactly mind-blowing but was created for the visually impaired and the blind in mind. The handset was created as part of LG’s donation program and 2,000 of these phones have since been given away. What sets the LU2700S apart from regular feature phones is that the handset will come with manual printed in braille and while it does feature the standard buttons that one can expect from a mobile phone, what makes it special is that it will be primarily controlled via voice commands. This will allow the user to make calls, take pictures and listen to music by speaking their commands out as opposed to fumbling for the buttons. Unfortunately no word if LG has plans to crank out more of these devices and make them commercially available, but still a pretty nice move by LG nonetheless. Here’s hoping that the phones given away have made a difference in 2,000 lives.

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