A table is a table, right? How else do you introduce additional functionality to this everyday piece of furniture? The Moss Table takes a different approach which might tickle the fancy of some, where it will have its fair share of photosynthesizing plants, which hopefully, will be able to harvest enough energy in the long run so that you can plug in your device to the Moss Table whenever they need a charge. Needless to say, it is far greener than manufacturing solar panels, but there is a downside to it – you will need to at least do some bit of work to make sure the old fashioned moss growing on your table is kept alive in order to function at an optimal level.

The Moss Table is a prime example of biophotovoltaic technology, where there are conductive wires located under the moss pots that will be able to collect all the electrons generated via the photosynthesis process so that an electric current of between five and ten microamps at about half a volt will be sent directly into a battery for your charging use. Thanks to the power of photosynthesis, 112 moss pots, when working together, are able to generate slightly more than 500 joules of energy throughout the day, provided you place it in direct sunlight. That is enough electricity to power the average laptop for around 20 seconds. Not the most efficient method of getting things done, but it is a novelty idea worth exploring.

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