Toto’s ‘Africa’ Will Play Perpetually In The Dessert Thanks To Solar Sound Installation

There is a popular philosophical question which goes, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Now we have to take that question and make a new one which goes, “If Toto’s ‘Africa’ is playing the desert and no one is around, does it make a sound?”

Matrix’s Latest Smartwatch Will Run On Solar Power

One of the main reasons behind the resistance of adopting a smartwatch can probably be attributed to battery. After all a regular watch doesn’t require daily or weekly charging, plus there’s also no worries about your watch dying on you mid-day and leaving you with a gadget that can’t even tell the time.

German Startup Testing Solar Car That Charges As You Drive

Electric cars are increasingly becoming popular as they get cheaper and the range they can provide increases. It’s important to make sure that you have ample charge before you set out. That’s because you could be left stranded on the side of the road if there are no charging locations along the way to your destination. Solar cars can help with this and a startup based in Munich is now […]

Solar-Powered iPhone X Case Will Cost $4,500

Smartphone cases are sometimes seen as a necessary evil of sorts. There are some who argue that with the amount of work designers put into designing a phone, covering it up with a case seems counterintuitive. However ironically enough the design of smartphones these days has resulted in them being more fragile compared to our feature phones, which results in the need for cases.


Apple Announces That They Now Run On 100% Renewable Energy

Apple has always boasted about their green efforts and how they try to strive for making their products as green as possible, whether it be making the product packaging and and manuals from recycled paper, or ensuring that their products use renewable materials where possible, and also working to make sure that their operations are powered by renewable energy.

Lightyear One Solar-Powered Electric Car Could Arrive In 2019

While electric cars are the solution to one of our problems, which is the diminishing of fossil fuels, it in turns creates other problems, namely the long wait when it comes to charging up. This is versus refueling your car with gas in which the process will take you a minute or two, whereas recharging an electric car will take much longer.

Solar Powered Rig Harvests Hydrogen Fuel From The Ocean

When it comes to renewable energy sources, we have seen how we can draw power from the sun in the form of solar energy, from the wind, from water, and so on. All are viable sources of sustainable energy and we have seen various companies try to incorporate them into their products or operations.

Transparent Solar Cells Could One Day Be Installed On Windows

In the future there is a very good chance our homes and offices could be powered by renewable sources of energy, such as solar. However the way most solar panels are designed these days could stand to use some improvement, such as their placement and their design, where right now it isn’t exactly easy for the average homeowner to install in their homes.

Your Solar Panels Could Help Power Other Homes During A Blackout

As solar panels draw energy from the sun to power homes and offices, in case you did not know, during a power outage, such devices are actually powered down due to safety reasons, which means that if you were hoping to rely on your solar panel to continue providing your home with energy during a blackout, you’d be mistaken.

Low-Income Homes In The UK To Get Free Solar Panels

Going green is great for the environment, like installing solar panels, battery packs for the home, driving electric cars, and so on. However sometimes going green can be expensive and in some instances, like electric cars, are a luxury that people who are on a minimum salary simply cannot afford.

Ikea Starts Selling Solar Panels And Home Batteries

Ikea is jumping on the renewable energy bandwagon that’s starting to signal a shift in the energy market. The furniture retailer has announced that it has started selling solar panels and batteries to customers in the United Kingdom. The products that it’s selling include panels that can be integrated with existing roofing solutions that are provided by Solarcentury, a solar solutions company based in the country.

India Debuts Their First Solar-Powered Train

As cars and trucks are motorbikes are starting to make the move towards greener options, such as going electric instead of consuming fuel, it looks like trains are headed towards that direction as well. In fact over in India, it seems that the country’s first solar-powered train has made its debut, bringing the country’s train network one step closer to more sustainable options.

You’ll Won’t Believe How Cute This Solar Farm Is

Solar farms are meant to be practical, where they help generate energy which can then be used to power homes, buildings, and so on. However who said that being practical does not mean that you can’t be cute as well? Because if so, it seems that China did not get the message.

This Light-Powered Robot Can Be Used To Clean Solar Cells

When was the last time you heard about someone washing the roof of their home? Sure there might be some, but for the most part since none of us really look at the roofs of our homes, we don’t really bother with it. This also means that if you have solar panels installed on the top, they can start to get pretty filthy.