Making the transition from feature phone to smartphone might prove to be a tricky affair for those who have been so used to typing on T9 keyboards. An app developer company by the name of Norway Distribution has decided to help users out with that problem by launching an app called MultiTap. As the name and screenshots above have inferred, MultiApp simulates the T9 keyboard found on features phones, allowing users to type out emails or SMS via the app using the T9 keyboard that they have been used to for so many years.

This would appear to be a great solution for those who want access to a T9 keyboard on their iOS device that they don’t have to jailbreak in order to get. The app will allow users to switch between predictive mode (T9) to other modes, such as Abc, ABC and 123. The app is currently available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99 for those who are interested in giving it a spin.

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