Skype logoMicrosoft, who gobbled up Skype last year, has just uploaded a bunch of job postings which will see Skype arrive on a web browser. The job postings point towards vacancies for software development engineers, and do mention that the Skype web app will be built with current tools of the trade such as HTML5 and JavaScript, instead of Microsoft’s very own Silverlight or the declining Adobe Flash. A Web-based version of Skype which does not require any plug-ins to run might result in a more satisfactory user experience compared to the Skype app on Facebook at the moment. You can check out one of the job descriptions in detail right after the jump to draw your own conclusions.

Team at Skype is looking for passionate, team-oriented and self-motivated developers to help us bring Skype experience on to the Web.

You will have a chance to integrate existing Skype solutions on to the web with the support of the backend services build from the ground up using latest Microsoft technologies.

Result [sic] of your work will be used by hundreds millions of thankful users worldwide. You will work in dynamical environment with the team of true professionals participating in defining, designing, developing, testing and documenting one of the most popular applications of the modern world.

You will closely cooperate with colleagues developing Skype cross platform core library in Tallinn, Estonia, audio/video team in Stockholm, Sweden, User management team in Prague and web plug-in team in Palo Alto, US.

You will most probably be posted in Prague and London, as the job postings refer to those two cities at the moment.

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