Smart Dot by Tangram turns your iPhone into a laser pointerOur smartphones these days allows us to perform many tasks, but if you’re the type that needs to make a lot of presentations either at school or at work, the Smart Dot by Tangram could be a device worth checking out. As pictured above, the Smart Dot attaches to your iPhone’s 3.5mm audio jack, and with its accompanying free app allows it to double up as a laser pointer. On top of that, the app will also allow users to sync it with their computer and double up as an on-screen trackpad that allows you to control your computer’s mouse via the iPhone, swiping and clicking your way through presentation slides.

Tangram has also showcased a variety of different ways that you can stow away the Smart Dot. You can either choose to attach it to a stylus (which is also compatible with iOS devices), or through a rubber-like lanyard that Tangram claims can also double up as a stylish accessory of sorts. Scheduled for a release later this month, head over to Tangram’s website for additional details.

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