After seeing the innards of the Sony SmartWatch, there is a niggling suspicion that the SmartWatch, if it were to be a sentient being, would most probably turn green with envy, secretly hoping that it would one day grow up to be like the Pebble smartwatch instead. Sony’s timepiece has been dissected, and most of the inside does seem to be made out of cheaper stuff than even Motorola’s MotoACTV, where it carries a 110mAh battery which is in stark contrast to the MotoACTV’s 258mAh battery. I guess you really get what you pay for with the Sony SmartWatch, since it is around a Benjamin cheaper than Motorola’s offering. It was also discovered that Sony has dubbed their SmartWatch as the Newman as its code name.  If you want quality, you might want to give Sony’s offering a pass at this point in time, and look to greener pastures instead.

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