Jelly Bean April Fools

Our friends over at XDA decide to pull a prank on the world with an article stating that Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus will be getting an update to Android 5.0 Jellybean. The news probably would not only have caused them to jump for joy but would have also made the already disgruntled Nexus S users even grumpier. Many people believed the story to be true but after a bit research, found that they were mistaken. While it might be an excellent piece of information if it were true, very little is still known about Android 5.0 “Jelly Bean” for now.

The article which has been taken down stated that the Android 5.0 ROM has found its way on to the XDA forums where it is said to be highly experimental and not for the faint of heart since most of the functions including network, data, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Camera were not working. They add that although the build will not have many of the functions needed, you will definitely be able to get a feel of the up and coming Android which has been dubbed “Jelly Bean” unofficially. To add on to the depth of their prank, XDA even included some screenshots, some of which look quite authentic with the WiFi funnily enough, connected.

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