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CERN: The Force Is Very Real (April Fool's Joke)
Who says that scientists do not have a sense of humor? Researchers over at CERN decided to have a little bit of fun this April Fool’s Day, having confirmed that there are more than just forces like gravity which have received their fair share of attention over the centuries, but it seems as though they have also stumbled upon what could very well be “the first unequivocal evidence for the […]

T-Mobile Introduces Pets Unleashed (April Fool’s Joke)
Now, we have seen our fair share of April Fool’s Day jokes today, ranging from the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge smart knife to the Google Keyboardless Keyboard with party horn accessory, as well as Apple picking up the China-based smartphone company known as Xiaomi for a whopping $20 billion. Well, T-Mobile has decided to jump aboard the April Fool’s Day bandwagon as well, where they have launched Pets Unleashed. After […]

Apple Puts $20 Billion Offer For Xiaomi (April Fool’s Joke)
We all know that Apple is one company that has plenty of cash, but to hear that they actually put up a whopping $20 billion on the table just to pick up the China-based company known as Xiaomi? This is sheer insanity, and rightly so. As the title suggests, this is but an April Fool’s Day joke, and thankfully, no such money was thrown in the direction of Xiaomi’s way, […]

YouTube Adds Darude Sandstorm Button To Every Video
So you want to know what it’s like to be a DJ? YouTube has just given users the perfect opportunity to try out your mixing/remixing skills on every possible video you can think of. The catch? The only “sample” you get are clips of Darude’s classic Sandstorm track. This is very obviously an April Fool’s joke by YouTube but it’s still entertaining nonetheless.As you can see in the screenshot above, […]


Google Japan Unveils Keyboardless Keyboard With Party Horn Accessory
Sometimes typing out long sentences on a keyboard can be rather tiresome compared to just saying it out loud, so Google does what Google does best by trying to find a way to help make your life more efficient. What Google Japan has come up with is a rather novel way of typing through the use of a party horn.

Motorola Debuts Customizable Selfie Stick
Selfie sticks are pretty straightforward devices – attach your phone at the end, take a selfie, and you’re done. However there are more elaborate sticks with Bluetooth controls that let you take photos remotely instead of having to rely on a timer, but it looks like that isn’t enough for Motorola as they have recently debuted the Moto Selfie Stick.

Microsoft Launches MS-DOS Mobile As A Windows Phone Alternative
We’re not sure how many of you guys remember MS-DOS from back in the day, but if you do, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has launched MS-DOS mobile which they’re hoping will become an alternative to the Windows Phone platform. Before you start freaking out, we’re kidding, although Microsoft has indeed launched a MS-DOS app for its Windows Phone platform.

Google Now Brought To Life With Google Panda
Google Now’s voice search is a pretty awesome feature that Android users have access to. Users can ask it all sorts of questions and it will be able to find an answer to those questions, or at least point users towards that direction, but wouldn’t it be cool if Google didn’t confine Google Now to just Android phones?Well the good news for users and children is that Google has recently […]

Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge Smart Knife Is Hilarious
April Fool’s Day has kicked off in different parts of the world where the time zone is ahead of the US, and Samsung certainly wants to have some fun as well with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge smart knife. You know for sure that this is a hilarious gag right from the very beginning, but hear out Samsung’s explanation and justification for it before laughing your head […]

Google Translate Does The Emoji Dance (April Fool’s)
To say that the folks over at Google are a creative bunch would be quite the understatement. After all, they have come up with some pretty decent services and tools in the past, and April Fool’s is a great way to let off some steam. In fact, another prank by them would be having Google Translate being able to support Emoji, and in this prank, it claims to be built […]

Gmail Shelfie Another April Fool’s Attempt
Earlier this morning, we did bring you word on Google ushering in April Fool’s Day by giving you a chance to catch Pokemon. Well, it seems that there is yet another April Fool’s prank from Google that will involve the Google Shelfie, which is undoubtedly a wordplay on the “SHareable sELFIE”, if you will.

Samsung Robot Comes With Siri-like Features
Come on now, I am quite sure that when one talks about robots, Samsung would not be the first name that pops into the mind. After all, the only thing about robots that I can remember from the South Korean conglomerate would be their robotic vacuum cleaners that do seem to do a pretty good job, actually. Well, here we are with a patent application from none other than Samsung […]

April Fools Compilation
In the latest round of April fools, a number of high-profile companies have worked hard to make us smile at the office. We’ve selected our favorite gags of the day (with a tech twist obviously!) and while Google gets a commendation for being very prolific, others have done great April Fools gags too, here are our favorites, in no particular order:Virgin Glass-Bottom PlaneThe title says it all, really, but Virgin […]

XDA Makes Galaxy Nexus Users Happy with April Fool’s Joke
Our friends over at XDA decide to pull a prank on the world with an article stating that Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus will be getting an update to Android 5.0 Jellybean. The news probably would not only have caused them to jump for joy but would have also made the already disgruntled Nexus S users even grumpier. Many people believed the story to be true but after a bit research, found […]