youtube_darudeSo you want to know what it’s like to be a DJ? YouTube has just given users the perfect opportunity to try out your mixing/remixing skills on every possible video you can think of. The catch? The only “sample” you get are clips of Darude’s classic Sandstorm track. This is very obviously an April Fool’s joke by YouTube but it’s still entertaining nonetheless.


As you can see in the screenshot above, there is now a tiny “music” button at the bottom right corner of the video’s controls. Pressing it will play a clip from Darude’s Sandstorm track. Based on our extensive testing of the feature, it seems that parts of the song will chosen at random so it’s not like you will get to listen to the song in its entirety.

It’s rather amusing and well like we said, if you’ve always wanted to be a DJ and wonder what it might be like to remix songs or test out your mixing skills as you move from one song to the next, perhaps this button could come in handy! You could also apply it to videos to change the mood from what might be a romantic love scene to a scene where it feels like the participants are part of an electronic dance music video.

youtube_searchThey have also changed the search suggestions so that no matter what you search for on YouTube, it will always ask you if you meant to search for “Darude – Sandstorm by Darude”. So if you have yet to take it for a spin, go ahead and hop on over to YouTube’s page and check it out!

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