apple logoWe all know that Apple is one company that has plenty of cash, but to hear that they actually put up a whopping $20 billion on the table just to pick up the China-based company known as Xiaomi? This is sheer insanity, and rightly so. As the title suggests, this is but an April Fool’s Day joke, and thankfully, no such money was thrown in the direction of Xiaomi’s way, and the world will still be able to enjoy Xiaomi-branded handsets, not to mention continue to see iPhones roll out from time to time.


Assuming such an announcement were to be true in the first place, how far reaching do you think the impact of such a move would be where the stock exchange is concerned? Would Apple’s stock tank upon making the announcement, considering how Xiaomi’s valuation might differ from that of the masses, or will it actually increase to bring Apple’s market capitalization to break new records?

All in all, this is but a theoretical situation, and we will not really be able to tell unless and until it happens, which is far from likely at all. What are some of the other crazier stories out there – perhaps Facebook buying over Weibo? Now that would be nuts as well.

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