Google has just launched a nifty little YouTube app within its original social networking site, Orkut. The company announced its decision via Orkut’s official blog in English and Portuguese. Now Orkut features a YouTube widget which allows users to listen to music playlists while browsing through the network’s profiles and communities.

After typing in a name of an artist you like, the widget will automatically start playing videos and sharing your activity with your friends on Orkut. Although the feature works with different kinds of videos and playlists, the music that is selected are will be relevant to your search parameters. The versatile Orkut based application allows users to watch videos in either a small or large format and it even offers users the option of minimizing the widget with the music still playing in the background.

Given that Google’s newer social networking site, Google+ already has YouTube integration, the concept is nothing new but what is interesting is that Google is yet to give up on its original social network even after Facebook overtook Orkut in the only country where it was leading the charts with number of members, Brazil. For now things seem to be going ahead with Orkut, but given the large expansion that Facebook is also going through who knows what lies ahead for Google’s original social networking site.

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