We’ve seen gadgets being put through a variety of stress tests, and most recently we’ve seen the Nokia Lumia 900 being used as a hammer, so what’s the point? The point of a stress test is to see how much abuse a device will be able to take before it breaks. After all what good is a device if it cracks or breaks the minute it drops on the floor or when accidentally sat upon, right? At the same time, there are frivolous stress test videos where it’s done just because they can, and for fans of the “Will It Blend?” series on YouTube, here’s a new one you might be interested in checking out, dubbed “Will It Freeze?”

Put together by ZooGue, the makers behind iPhone and iPad cases, they have taken Apple’s new iPad, stuck it into a bag while connected to a charger, submerged it in water and stuffed it into a freezer. Interestingly the iPad remained fully functional despite being frozen solid in a block of ice and according to YouTube user louisli315, “Well I see you fixed the overheating problem.”

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