This coming Monday, for those unfamiliar, will be Memorial Day which is also a public holiday. This would make it the perfect long weekend that Guild Wars 2 players with beta access to enjoy the game even more. However it looks like if you have cleared your schedule and have mentally prepared yourself for some Guild Wars 2 beta excitement to happen this weekend, you’re going to be in for a disappointment as ArenaNet has confirmed that they will not be holding a beta weekend event during that period. According to the company:


“We are not withholding a date intentionally, we want to make sure that BWE2 will be a really great experience for all of you.”

At this point in time, there is there no word on when the game will be released. A recent rumor has suggested the 28th of June, but in response to the rumor, ArenaNet has mentioned that they are waiting to see how well the beta goes before offering players an official date. Given that the second beta weekend has yet to be launched, it is safe to assume that the rumored 28th of June launch date will not be met. Until then be sure to check back with us for more updates!

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