Cheaters ruin games for everyone and takes the fun out of playing them by making the lives of other gamers harder. Imagine playing a game of Battlefield or Call of Duty only to find out that players on the other team have hacked the game and are basically unkillable or are able to see through walls.

As it turns out in Guild Wars 2, there has been a cheater running amok on the servers who pretty much embodied all these traits, and after weeks of frustration, the developers finally did something about it. Basically what the folks at ArenaNet did was strip the character naked, forced him to jump off a building, before deleting all his characters and banning his associated accounts.

According to ArenaNet’s Chris Cleary who was largely responsible for doling out the justice, “We don’t need to see it in-game, sometimes good video evidence is enough for me to track down who it was. In this case, the video was enough for me to find out who it was and take action. Thanks for the video, and to accompany your video, I give you this video of his account’s last moments.”

Now it does seem a bit harsh to dispatch of a cheater and some felt it was a bit unprofessional too. They felt that instead of punishing a player so harshly, they should instead focus on the security holes that allowed such cheats to work in the first place. However there are others who felt that this move should serve as a deterrence to other cheaters in the future. In the meantime you can check out the public humiliation of said player in the video above. The video of the cheater in action can be seen below.

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