Your smartphone looks set to become even smarter by gaining additional digital brain cells, so to speak, with the introduction of Azumio. Just what the heck is Azumio? Well, it is a mobile app which will stretch the functionality of the smartphone’s camera, accelerometer, and touch screen display in order to assist you in your health monitoring efforts. First founded a couple of years ago with the objective of transforming the smartphone into a biofeedback device, Azumio is capable of keeping track of your heart rate as well as provide an analysis, check out your stress levels, and track your sleep patterns, amongst others. This ought to help you get a more complete picture of your health status at the moment, but bear in mind it has yet to gain the capability of taking blood samples and coming up with the relevant results. Still, the smartphone has gotten more formidable with apps like Azumio – I wonder what does the future hold in store for the masses?

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