Most of us know that electronics and water are not good friends – in fact, they are eternal enemies, with water winning just about every time. Sure, there have been waterproof devices introduced to the masses before, but those tend to sacrifice good design sense in the process. Well, Gooma’s waterproof Case Marine soft case for smartphones debunks that notion, boasting a waterproof rating of IPX8 that is the highest class in JIS (Japan Industrial Standards), and it does little to add to the overall bulk of your device. After all, it is made out of 0.25mm polyurethane and has a special finish, where the screen segment itself is made of acrylic. Playing nice with the likes of the latest generation iPhone as well as Samsung Galaxy S2, it has a slight learning curve in putting it on – taking approximately 5 seconds to do so if you are proficient enough. When attached securely, it will ensure your smartphone can swim with the fishes up to 10 meters deeep. Not only that, there is the added protection of placing a smartphone cover over it.

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